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Mizmar Collection firm has been producing projects abroad by drawing indoor and outdoor tables and chairs for about 14 years. The company, whose target group is customers abroad, has delivered a total of 128 projects, 24 of which have received design awards, and continues to work for new ones. Unlike its competitors, Mizmar Collection has been producing quality and unique projects for many years.

Company that Brings Experience to the Customer

By producing special projects for office, meeting, dining rooms; He designs the services such as table chair, carpet flooring, shelf and lighting systems. It also produces projects for hospitals, banks, counseling areas and public offices. Drawing and designing tables and chairs is not easy as it is a detailed project. However, with its experience using the latest technology and working with a team of experts, the company designs its projects without making the slightest compromise on quality. Mizmar Collection, which proves itself in the sector and works with a focus on customer satisfaction, is looking forward to design new projects.

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