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Comfortable, supportive & environmentally

Office sofas; These are furniture consisting of single, double and triple options, used in waiting rooms, lobby or office resting environment. With its comfortable, simple, ergonomic and extremely stylish designs, it is important in hosting guests for business meetings. With different fabric and pattern options, office sofas play a key role in the decoration of business spaces. You can increase the prestige of your company with original and modern designs to choose options such as leather, wood, metal parts or fabric covering.

It’s not just employees; Office sofas, which are frequently used by customers, partners and visitors, should appeal to visual richness as well as being comfortable. A flamboyant sofa adorned with a stylish finish proportional to the size of the space is an important indication that you value everyone in your work environment. Eye-catching ergonomic designs, especially to be used in office rooms, should have a reflective value for your corporate identity.

Vivid patterns that adapt to the color scheme of the space; It is preferred in areas such as cafe, reception and lobby. On the other hand, it is recommended to choose alternatives such as black, smoked, navy blue or dark purple coated with leather fabric in high level executive rooms.

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