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Locker cabinets are indispensable parts of factories, workplaces, sports facilities, military facilities, student dormitories, construction sites and many similar institutions and businesses.

In our Steel Locker Cabinet models, DKP sheet metal is used, except for this, no imported or market-made raw materials are used.

Our Metal Locker models are made of completely steel materials and are more robust and durable compared to wooden or PVC cabinets. Thanks to its steel body, it is more resistant to wear, crushing, breaking and similar situations and allows you to use it for a long time. With its steel structure, it saves you time to save your important belongings in unwanted situations such as fire. You can safely store your personal and valuable belongings in the lockers.

Mizmar Collection with many years of production experience in Turkey is one of the companies shaping the steel goods sector. In addition to standard productions, it also makes customized productions in line with special requests and demands.

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