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The ergonomic and durability of the furniture, which is used in places such as hotels and hospitals where there is a dense human circulation, is very important. Producing projects in the field of Hotel and Hospital Furniture Design abroad, Mizmar Collection offers comfort, ergonomics and aesthetic appearance together with its special designs for the needs of hospitals.

Hospital Furniture

As the hospitals, where all kinds of treatment and research are conducted, are classified as private and public hospitals, the differentiation of furniture decoration needs is normal. Considering the hygiene conditions in the first place constitutes the most important building block of the furniture choice. Mizmar Collection prefers easy to clean, wipe and stain resistant fabrics in furniture designs. It manufactures furniture to be used in hotels and hospitals from durable materials. In design and model selection, free project support can be obtained from Mizmar Collection.

Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture, rooms, reception, cafe, restaurant and outdoor furniture have different designs. Furniture that will be used in hotel accommodation, which is a renewal process for people who are away from the stress of business and city life and who spend their time resting, is basically a large and comfortable bed, aesthetic and eye-catching cabinets and durable seats. Especially the concept of the hotel can be understood from the lobby at first glance, you can leave the furniture designs of this special place, which is in the showcase position, to the professional hands of the architect and interior architect staff of Mizmar Collection.

Some Hotel and Hospital Furniture Projects

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